How to Identify your Customers Orientation

Customer satisfaction is the biggest step towards the success of your businesses, thus orienting as much emphasis as you can on your customer is the right thing to do.

How to Identify Your Online Customer – Customers are often influenced by environmental factors, like their cultural orientation, family roots, and by the interaction level with the mass media channels. The purpose of identifying a customer’s orientation is to further understand these variables and apply them within your marketing campaign. The concept of customer orientation revolves around your customer’s conscious choices and preferences at the moment of taking into consideration a service or product. Most often, studies identified that customer’s play three important roles, customers can be: cost-oriented, value-oriented and technology-oriented.

Value Oriented Customers That Buy Online – will always buy the more efficient, profitable and value-oriented product that they can get online. Value-oriented customers take into consideration the future costs that are to come, they are interested in investing in the products with a higher initial cost and then saliently enjoy the cost-free benefits that are to come. According to the online researches, CRM platforms came up with the thesis that this type of deal is seen as a long term investment with higher future profit. Value Oriented customers always maintain a healthy relationship with online suppliers as they are satisfied customers.

Technology Oriented Customers That Buy Online – don’t care about costs, good quality, and performance, all they care about and search for within a product is it’s up to date technology. These technology conscious customers feel that using the best and newest tech products will help them remain within the modern tech levels required by society. Technology Oriented Customers are also oriented towards experimenting new things and engage with customers that have the same interests for tech, thus creating new referrals that can increase your online CRM business. These customers are also satisfied customers that always end up making worthy relationships with suppliers.

Cost Oriented Customers That Buy Online – focus their attention on the cost of a product and frequently compromise on performance, productiveness, and quality. The Cost Oriented Customers have the tendency to fix problems on their own, without taking the supplier’s direct help. Cost Oriented Customers are also always ready to buy second-hand products and then fix the product up on their own. Taking into consideration customer orientation along their buying pattern will help you ensure a greater level of customer satisfaction and increase the long-term goal of your company.

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